Invest In True Full Service

    Are you tired of having to choose from a “full service” sales agent who simply charges 3% for an amount of work that doesn’t add up? Or on the flip side paying 1% for discounted service that can be incompetent, unmotivated, and end up costing you the money you thought you were saving? There is a lot of room for error when it comes to selling a home. Mistakes or poor service can cost you thousands of dollars, and sellers are getting frustrated.

    We are in the business of making our clients money, not costing them a fee. Whether you want to flip your own home or simply sell it, we are licensed to improve and sell your home from start to finishYou choose the service you want based on your needs and goals, we break down the costs so that you can see where your money is going, and you pay at settlement.  Stello Homes is the only place you need to go.  

    Pre-Listing Activities

    • Perform initial walk through of property to determine current state
    • Determine specific seller needs and overall goal for home sale
    • Determine list price range
    • Determine Improvement Estimate* (optional)
    • Execute necessary cost-effective improvements to home* (optional)
    • Coordinate storage unit rental and truck to haul items (declutter)
    • Once home is prepared – schedule Photographer
    • Verify public record is accurate
    • Verify accurate square footage/interior room sizes/additions
    • Complete Residential Property Disclosure with seller (required by law)
    • Complete Stello Homes Seller Information sheet with seller
    • Upload documents to MLS listing for offers
    • Confirm accurate current school boundaries
    • Install lockbox on property, make extra keys if necessary.
    • Implement marketing strategy

    Marketing Activities

    • Enter home in the Multiple Listing Service (using Seller Information sheet)
    • Prepare showing instructions for buyers’ agents and agree on showing time window with seller
    • Publish social media advertising to home buyer target market
    • Order announcement postcards to 100 homes surrounding subject property
    • Verify accuracy on popular IDX websites: Zillow, Redfin,, etc.
    • Order for sale sign, install on front property
    • Stock home with property fliers and brochures
    • Schedule Open House with seller
    • Screen for quality buyers and filter nosey lookers
    • Compile list of Open House visitors and follow up as necessary
    • Weekly listing activity updates to seller
    • Coordinate price adjustments if necessary

    The Offer and Contract

    • Field calls from agents, signs, etc. and negotiate to garner best offers
    • Prepare, present and negotiate offers
    • Counsel seller on offers. Explain merits and weakness of each component of each
    • Contact buyers’ agents to review buyer’s qualifications and discuss offer
    • Contact buyers’ lender to verify financing
    • Send ratified contract to all necessary parties: lender, settlement company, agent, etc.
    • Update status in MLS once contract is ratified
    • Verify buyer earnest money was deposited per contract language
    • Coordinate with seller inspection times and provide critical contract dates

    The Home and Radon Inspection

    • Coordinate buyer’s home inspection with seller
    • Review home inspector’s report
    • Negotiate home inspection repairs
    • Ensure seller’s compliance with home inspection legal requirements
    • Repair inspection items for seller at best prices (use of Stello Home Management Services – licensed contractor per legal language)
    • Coordinate Radon inspection / pick up with lab
    • Coordinate radon mitigation if necessary
    • Ensure seller’s compliance with Radon Inspection Clause requirements
    • Complete and remove home and radon inspection from contract
    • Collect and provide invoices of required work for buyer per contract

    The Appraisal & Financing

    • Coordinate appraisal appointment
    • Negotiate appraisal contingency if necessary
    • Remove appraisal contingency from contract
    • Contact buyer’s lender or agent to ensure processing is on track
    • Send notice to Remove Financing Contingency from contract

    Closing Preparations and Duties

    • Complete information forms for settlement
    • Schedule settlement appointment or coordinate remote signing
    • Schedule Termite Inspection
    • Coordinate Termite mitigation (if necessary)
    • Order HOA / Condo resale documents (14 days required)
    • Send HOA / Condo resale documents sent to buyer attached with acknowledgement of receipt – 3 days to review per sales contract
    • Remind seller of utility shut off
    • Provide list of utilities to buyer
    • Coordinate with buyer’s agent buyer’s final walk-through 7 days prior to closing per contract – ensure licensed work invoices provided
    • Request final closing figures from closing agent (attorney or title company)
    • Request copy of closing documents from closing agent
    • Receive & carefully review closing figures to ensure accuracy of preparation
    • Update MLS status to sold and assign proper agent numbers
    • Properly archive seller documents for future reference


    * Stello Homes is licensed both in residential real estate sales (RE/MAX Gateway) and improvement (Class B, Building Contractor) and provides the optional service to improve the home to prepare it to show better, sell faster, and make top dollar when it hits the market. The cost of the improvements can be paid at settlement for qualified clients.