Save Thousands with Stello Homes

    Buyers get frustrated with the home buying process for two reasons:

    1) They overpay for the property

    2) They are affected by a defect on the property that could’ve been avoided or hedged against early on in home ownership.

    These two issues can be solved simply. 

    1) Buyers want to pay the price the home is worth to them. This is calculated by:

    Value To Buyer = Market Value +/- Specific Fit 

    Market Value can be determined by a competent agent performing due diligence on the property.

    Specific Fit is determined by how well that particular property meets the buyer’s specific wants and needs. For example, since real property is unique, a home that perfectly matches all of the buyer’s wants and needs is worth more to them than one that does not. On the contrary, there are some homes that specific buyers wouldn’t pay $1 for.

    Buyers are happy when Buyer Value = Market Value +/- Specific Fit. Any disconnect leads to frustration.

    2) Every possible defect can be solved or hedged against.

    1. A defect is identified and addressed by price, credit, or actual repair of the defect before settlement.
    2. A home warranty is issued to hedge against any potential of known higher risk (older) items.
    3. Homeowners Insurance is in place to hedge against unknown or unexpected damages or defects. 
    4. Access to reliable, honest contractors that can come in and fix any home issue.

    Real estate agents that fail to protect their buyers from these two things struggle with customer satisfaction, and rightfully so. A shelter is a complex and expensive item. Overpaying or failing to protect yourself ag

    ainst defects can be financially devastating. 

    Our customers love us simply because we know what they actually value and desire in a home, get them the price that matches, and have the competence (and licenses) in home sales and improvement to set them up for success throughout their home ownership.

    Oh wait… and don’t forget about your Stello Homes Cash.

    Use Stello Homes Cash to do one (or a combination) of these three things when you purchase your new home:

    1 – Lower your monthly mortgage payment.

    2 – Pay less closing costs at settlement.

    3 – Apply towards estimate to improve your home and increase value and your equity.