Why Did We Prepare This List?

    Stello Homes Professionals provide much more value than the tradition real estate sales agent. We provide a service that completely covers whatever a home seller may need during the sale of their home.

    This list is simply a copy and paste of our Seller Checklist that every one of our Home Sales Professionals are required to execute for every single seller client we service. 

    Pre-Listing Activities

    • Perform initial walk through of property to determine current state
    • Determine specific seller needs and overall goal for home sale
    • Determine list price range & improvement budget
    • Execute necessary cost-effective improvements to home
    • Coordinate storage unit rental and truck to haul items (declutter)
    • Verify public record is accurate
    • Verify accurate square footage/interior room sizes/additions
    • Obtain house plans, if applicable and available
    • Complete Residential Property Disclosure with seller (required by law)
    • Complete Stello Homes Seller Information sheet with seller
    • Upload documents to MLS listing for offers
    • Confirm accurate current school boundaries
    • Install lockbox on property, make extra keys if necessary.
    • Implement marketing strategy

    Marketing Activities

    • Enter home in the Multiple Listing Service (using Seller Information sheet)
    • Prepare showing instructions for buyers’ agents and agree on showing time window with seller
    • Create home website and marketing flyers
    • Publish social media advertising to home buyer target market
    • Order announcement postcards to 100 homes surrounding subject property
    • Verify accuracy on popular IDX websites: Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com, etc.
    • Order for sale sign, install on front property
    • Stock home with property fliers and brochures
    • Schedule Open House with seller
    • Screen for quality buyers and filter nosey lookers
    • Compile list of Open House visitors and follow up as necessary
    • Weekly listing activity updates to seller
    • Coordinate price adjustments if necessary

    The Offer and Contract

    • Field calls from agents, signs, etc. and negotiate to garner best offers
    • Prepare, present and negotiate offers
    • Counsel seller on offers. Explain merits and weakness of each component of each
    • Contact buyers’ agents to review buyer’s qualifications and discuss offer
    • Contact buyers’ lender to verify financing
    • Send ratified contract to all necessary parties: lender, settlement company, agent, etc.
    • Update status in MLS once contract is ratified
    • Verify buyer earnest money was deposited per contract language
    • Coordinate with seller inspection times and provide critical contract dates

    The Home and Radon Inspection

    • Coordinate buyer’s home inspection with seller
    • Review home inspector’s report
    • Negotiate home inspection repairs
    • Ensure seller’s compliance with home inspection legal requirements
    • Repair inspection items for seller at best prices (use of Stello Home Management Services – licensed contractor per legal language)
    • Coordinate Radon inspection / pick up with lab
    • Coordinate radon mitigation if necessary
    • Ensure seller’s compliance with Radon Inspection Clause requirements
    • Complete and remove home and radon inspection from contract
    • Collect and provide invoices of required work for buyer per contract

    The Appraisal & Financing

    • Coordinate appraisal appointment
    • Negotiate appraisal contingency if necessary
    • Remove appraisal contingency from contract
    • Contact buyer’s lender or agent to ensure processing is on track
    • Send notice to Remove Financing Contingency from contract

    Closing Preparations and Duties

    • Complete information forms for settlement
    • Schedule settlement appointment or coordinate remote signing
    • Schedule Termite Inspection
    • Coordinate Termite mitigation (if necessary)
    • Order HOA / Condo resale documents (14 days required)
    • Send HOA / Condo resale documents sent to buyer attached with acknowledgement of receipt – 3 days to review per sales contract
    • Remind seller of utility shut off
    • Provide list of utilities to buyer
    • Coordinate with buyer’s agent buyer’s final walk-through 7 days prior to closing per contract – ensure licensed work invoices provided
    • Request final closing figures from closing agent (attorney or title company)
    • Request copy of closing documents from closing agent
    • Receive & carefully review closing figures to ensure accuracy of preparation
    • Update MLS status to sold and assign proper agent numbers
    • Properly archive seller documents for future reference